Oink Automotive Marketing & Development

AutoIn 2007 Oink launched its first directory called Oink Midrand. It was through this website that Oink began marketing the car service sector which forms a part of the secondary market of the automotive industry known as the aftermarket. In 2010 Oink became an Independent Marketing Partner of CallaCar..co.za which would later remodel as McCarthy.co.za and remained a partner for 8 years until 2018

In 2018 Oink reset all our online real estate, entered the aftermarket web and is currently launching platforms across South Africa to proviide easy access to information to car, truck, bus and motorcycle owners and powerful marketing solutions tonthe companies that service and repair them and manufacture and remanufacture, distibute and/or supply spare parts.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are services which include:

  • mechanical repair centres, car, service centres, truck, bus and bike repair workshops,
  • panel beaters, spray painters, propshaft and transmission workshops,
  • brake and clutch replacement and fitment centres. structural damage repairers, wheel and tyre suppliers
  • spare parts distributors and mechanical repair workshops, among others.

The Oink Automotive Network

In 2018 a decision was made to register and secure a number of high level and relevant domains which will form a network designed to get maximum exposure for our members. This building process began in September 2018, launch was expected in january 2019 but was delayed for a month or so due to to Google updates to terms and conditions and, of, course, another major algorithm update.

Read more and link into our growing network of automotive network platforms in the following regions.

  • Eastern Cape
  • Free State
  • Gauteng
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • Northern Cape
  • NorthWest
  • Western Cape