About Us

Oink has been marketing the South African Automotive Industry via local & national directories since 2007. Due to our success in driving traffic to our partner websites, Oink is currently in the process of creating the Oink Automotive Network.

The Network consists of a growing number of high level domains owned by Oink. These will be developed for the sole purpose of driving targeted traffic to Oink members & partners active in the automotive and aftermarket industry in South Africa.

Over the last 12 years it has become increasingly apparent that the small business owner has become increasingly under pressure to either create or maintain a digital footprint, a home base on the internet. It is our goal to ensure our members establish and maintain an organic national footprint and compete with well established competitors on the web.

Oink runs an online management programme which serves the small business owner, franchisee’s who wish to extend their online presence beyond the scope of their ‘mother companies’ (with HQ permission) and larger corporations who wish to take advantage of our presence on the internet.